About Us

Company Overview

Founded in 2009, Pointintime Private Limited, as the name implies; was inaugurated to connect people around the world to memorable events and occasions that occur daily at a certain PointInTime in our life/lives.

Pointintime's vision is to foster human connection through communication and interaction with the community; together with commerce through innovation that utilizes and integrates technologies to enhance and revolutionize the way information is communicated or disseminated.

Our Service

On this site, you can post or share your upcoming social events such as Birthdays, Gatherings, House-warming, Marriage/Engagement announcements, Arrival of a newborn, Awards, Condolences, Graduation, etc., that are lifetime, memorable events which stay with you for the rest of your life.

Pointintime - an Events site, offers a perfect complement to announce/broadcast or organize your special events and occasions. It is more than just an online posting/hosting site for events, but also allows for maintenance of personal contacts information, share your greetings, announcements and condolences, as well as blogs.

A pool of suppliers offering goods or services relevant to any event or occasion, provides for ease of planning and purchase of gifts for that special occasion. It also provides an additional platform/medium for Advertisers to advertise on line using the power of the internet without needing your own website.

Pointintime’s site enhances our ability to connect and share these lifetime occasions or day-to-day memorable events with those within our social network and the rest of the world.

The way Events are communicated, created and posted will now be revolutionized and changed. Through Pointintime, this unique online site provides ease of use with flexibility and efficiency, standardization, speed of information sharing and dissemination via sms and email.

Postings/advertisements are at a fraction of the cost (note: only certain event category postings marked with an asterisk (*), are chargeable, and no membership fee is levied on this site) of other comparable event sites; or using the conventional approach of advertisements through newspaper media.

Traditional media/newspaper advertisements for any happy occasion or event reach a general audience. Pointintime ensures you reach out to specifically targeted and general audiences.

To achieve the Company’s vision, Pointintime Private Limited’s unique innovation/invention (Patent pending - PCT/SG2009/000217) maximises the potential usage of electronic messaging. By incorporating active commercial advertisements with web links; together with user electronic messages (such as SMS and emails); this greatly increases and improves SMS’s as a social, business communication and advertising tool.

The relationship of a user’s SMS and commercial SMS advertising usage has taken a totally new perspective.


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